When Should you Port Your Health Insurance Plan?

You are not happy with your health insurance plan? Simply port your health insurance plan. What is health insurance portability? This is a scheme, through which you can transfer your existing health insurance plan, from your current insurer to a new insurer.
So when should you port your health insurance plan?
Find your current health insurance plan does not meet your medical needs? Feel you get additional benefits from a new health insurer? Go ahead and port your health insurance plan.
You had a bad experience with your current health insurer
You had availed a cashless health insurance plan. This plan has a tie up with different hospitals, called network hospitals. You got hospitalized in a good hospital very close to home. Unfortunately this hospital was not a network hospital, under your health insurance plan. You had to pay the hospitalization bills, from your own pocket. The reimbursement took several months. Now you have a genuine reason to think about health insurance portability.

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