Why do most of the People in India Prefer Real Estate and Gold for Investing when we have other options as well ?


In India it is evident that people prefer Real Estate and Gold for thier Long Term Investments. Most of the people do belive that they are unrisky and would support for long term needs and on the other hand the returns on such Investments may not be enormous but at least savings part is done for the moment.

Why not other Investment options?

In India there are almost 40+ Financial Products where one can invest money as per thier needs and priorities. Investors in india wants to be on the Less Risky Side and go for Real Estate/Gold, But what exactly is the prime reason for not choosing other options?

Financial Illiteracy, There are very less people in India who know of Financial products where one can invest and for the people who are not aware always consider these options risky and think of loosing money, its not that way Financial Planning is a beautiful process of achieving their Financial Ambitions/Goals through continuoud process of guiding thier Savings and Investing Smartly.

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